James Sheppard Launches Official Campaign Website

The Sheppard for Mayor Campaign formally launched their website today. The site, www.sheppardforrochester.com, will serve as the online home for the campaign, highlighting the biography of Mayoral candidate and Monroe County Legislator James Sheppard, the vision for a Sheppard administration, and providing access to all information shared by the campaign. The site will serve as a central point for anyone interested in connecting with the campaign, allowing visitors to sign up to volunteer, learn more about the candidate, find news about accomplishments and events, and donate to support the campaign.

The campaign thought it was important to issue a formal release as part of its ongoing effort to connect with as many Rochesterians as possible - to learn about their hopes and challenges, and what their priorities are for Rochester's future. In addition to the countless meetings and one-on-one conversations James has had with people throughout the community, the campaign has put the call out through social media and its website, email appeals, and letters to Rochester’s neighborhood organizations and businesses, asking them to share their thoughts and concerns with him.

"What I have continued to say and have believed throughout the course of my career, is that good leaders listen," Sheppard said. "It is critically important to me to hear from the people impacted by the important decisions made by government every day. What we do directly affects you - and we want to know if you're satisfied with the quality of services you're currently receiving, how you feel your tax dollars are best allocated, what you would like to see change, and what issues are most important to you."

All interested residents are invited and encouraged to submit their thoughts at www.sheppardforrochester.com.