Warren Puts Special Interests Above Citizens

Mayor Lovely Warren’s decision to host a job fair at City Hall sponsored by Uber, the sole client of her former Chief of Staff Jeremy Cooney, was the latest in a series that put the interests of her friends and supporters ahead of the interests of Rochester’s residents.

We have heard from people in neighborhoods across the City that when they need something from City Hall, their concerns go unheard and unaddressed. Just in the past twenty-four hours, six people have been shot in the City of Rochester, but the Mayor has been silent.  However, the Mayor in that same time, has welcomed Uber and even put up an Uber banner to promote the interests of her friends.

When the City of Rochester needs her most, Warren is silent, but for personal and political friends she is there.

It is time for a Mayor who fights for the interests of all Rochesterians, not just the richest and most-well connected among us.