James Sheppard’s Statement Regarding Mayor’s Public Safety Announcements

This has been a busy week of headlines for the mayor's public relations efforts. She held a news conference to assert that Rochester is ‘safe and getter safer’. She shared crime statistics with the community, and released reports on her 90 days of community policing initiative and the RPD reorganization - both being touted as successes. I applaud the mayor's recent efforts to engage the community and evaluate the efficacy of the new RPD model. I welcome her to the conversation. Rochester has needed her voice and engagement these last four years. Whether it's downtown development, neighborhood revitalization, or public safety, we need a leader who will roll up their sleeves on day one and tackle the tough issues. It's not enough to make announcements and launch programs. The disproportionately poor and minority neighborhoods most impacted by violence are not impressed by press conferences. They need to see results. Waiting until the year of a reelection campaign to complete an assessment of the RPD's reorganization and police-community relations efforts is just the latest indication that our city is a pilotless ship.