Statement from James Sheppard on Naming of Deputy Mayor

First, I'd like to thank Carlos Carballada for stepping in and working to stabilize city government when Len Redon's health forced him to step down. We welcome Mr. Alexander and wish him well.  Mr. Alexander begins a job three and a half years into an administration that has little direction and focus - as evidenced by the lack of results in education, poverty, public safety and economic development. 

After three and a half years, dozens of press events and a number of committees and panels, poverty levels haven't improved, police and citizen relations continue to deteriorate, violence is spiking and our graduation rate sits at 47%. Yet we are told by the administration how well things are going, that we are safe and getting safer. Just last week the Mayor called the graduation rate an improvement, because it didn't go backwards. And just this morning WXXI reported that Rochester is one of only two areas in the state to have lost private sector jobs in January.

It is the job of the Deputy Mayor to carry out the policies and vision of the Mayor. Without a clear plan and measurable results expected on all of the important issues facing our city, the Mayor's deputy and commissioners lack the support and tools they need to succeed. Leadership starts at the top, and I look forward to presenting my vision, plans and goals before the voters.