Contributions Are In. Why You Should Care.

Campaign finance is complicated. The periodic campaign finance reports filed with the NYS board of elections can tell you a lot about transparency and integrity of candidates and the campaigns they run. That is why unlike my opponents, I want to be transparent about where my support comes from.

Where your money came from is important.

  • I am tremendously proud of the strong financial support I have received from Rochester's labor community. My longtime support of labor and the important causes they fight for is why I received the endorsement of the Working Families Party.   
  • Rochester’s families need a champion who will stand and fight with them. Most of all, they need a leader who won't play politics or seek retribution, like Lovely Warren did when she seized control of the Facilities Modernization Board - a power grab that saw hundreds of jobs lost and time wasted.

How much you've been able to raise is important. 

  • Campaigns cost money - lots of it. How much money you are able to raise not only demonstrates the support you have in the community, but also strongly signals whether you are a credible candidate.
  • I am gratified by the diversity of my support, with nearly 400 donations made so far to support my campaign.
  • Raising over $223,000 against an incumbent shows two things: she is vulnerable and I am the only candidate in the race who can beat her!           

Whether you are able to follow the rules is important. 

  • This one ought to go without saying, but as a recent article pointed out, unfortunately it does not. The sad reality is that Lovely Warren is not following the law.  We will have more to say once we’ve had a chance to review it in detail, but clearly her July report contains more serious concerns.
  • In contrast, Friends of James Sheppard has not received a single contribution over the legal limit, and does not have any outstanding loans. I have fully complied with all guidance from the NYS Board of Elections.

As media coverage about these filings grabs headlines over these next few days, I hope that you will give some serious thought to what they say about the candidates and their respective campaigns. Above all, I value my integrity - and my campaign committee and the donations we've been able to raise reflects that.

See for yourself. HERE is my recently filed report, which includes all of the contributions and expenses incurred by my campaign to date. 

Thank you for being an engaged citizen and paying attention to this important race. Your participation is needed and appreciated.

James Sheppard