Labor Community: We Stand With Shep

The people who work hard for us every single day - driving our buses, serving our food, building safe cars, bridges, buildings and homes for our families, making sure our electricity functions and our roads are paved - these are the people who have come together in unison to say: it's time for a change. Thousands of people from across the political spectrum have joined to lift their voices up, and say, no more. We need new leadership.

I am humbled by this broad coalition of support. I am ready to get our community back on track by continuing to stand with the men and women who work for a better Rochester each and everyday - with their sweat equity. I will continue to stand with them; for workers' rights and economic opportunity, and against cronyism and political expediency.

I want to thank those in labor who have stood proudly beside me and most importantly, for all you do for us and for the cause day in and day out. I appreciate you. I am most grateful for your efforts - and for your dedication to our community.

Voters throughout our great city have a critical decision to make. I am proud to accept these endorsements, and look forward to continue taking my message to voters over the next 10 days - that I am the right leader to usher in a new era at City Hall. One focused on transparency, inclusiveness, and delivering measurable results for all of Rochester's citizens.

Together, we can build a better City for all of us!