Upset in the Northwest: James Sheppard's Statement on Endorsement From the Northwest Democratic Committee

I am honored and excited by tonight's endorsement by the 7th, 26th and 28th Legislative Districts. I want to thank the Northwest Democratic committee members for meeting with me, letting me in their homes to talk issues and for sharing their concerns and hopes for our city. In my many discussions with them, it became very clear that there is an appetite for change and progress in the city's northwest. Citizens here are tired of the shootings and violence, tired of being left out of the decision-making process that affects their neighborhoods and tired of lack of results from City Hall.

We feel a groundswell among Democrats for change. They have seen multiple press events, publicity stunts, blue ribbon committees and have been told how good things are by the present administration. But back in their neighborhoods and in their community, they know that all is not well. They see the almost daily shootings, multiple homicides, open gang activity, deteriorating police and community relations, no improvement in student achievement, no gains in stemming poverty and the lack of progress and development.

Democrats in the northwest have communicated clearly to me that they want leadership that listens, is transparent, collaborates and communicates with neighborhoods organizations and most importantly - shows true leadership and measurable results in these important issues. This is the basis of my candidacy. In the weeks and months ahead, I will communicate my plans to work with citizens, business, developers, educators and neighborhood organizations to make our city a place where citizens can live without fear for their safety, expect a quality education for their children, have opportunities for meaningful work and the expectation that their city government is working for them.